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Lung Cancer Screening Program

Did you know that survival rates for lung cancer patients increase when their cancer is detected and treated early? It’s true. Unfortunately only 1 in 8 people with lung cancer are diagnosed in the early stages of the disease. National studies have shown that screening a specific population for lung cancer with a CT scan can reduce the risk of dying from lung cancer by 20 percent. Lung cancer screening is quick and easy, and the radiation exposure is very low.

For this reason, HMHP launched a Lung Cancer Screening Program that offers a low-cost service based on state-of-the-art screening methods for lung cancer in high-risk patients.

Who Should Be Screened?

Screening is recommended for people who are at a high risk for lung cancer:

Age 55 or older

  • Current smoking history of 30+ pack years   
  • Quit smoking within the past 15 years with a prior smoking history
Age 50 or older
  • Smoking history of 20+ pack years
  • COPD or emphysema
  • Environmental or occupational exposure, such as asbestos, chemical inhalation, or pottery/clay worker
  • Prior lung cancer or a family history of lung cancer.

How Does it Work?
If you have a doctor
, contact them for a referral. Simply tell them you want to take part in the HMHP Lung Cancer Screening Program. If you meet the criteria for lung cancer screening, your doctor will be able to schedule your chest CT at an HMHP facility.
If you do not have a doctor, call Humility of Mary Healthline at 330-480-3151 or 1-877-700-HMHP or go to: and click on Find a Doctor.
The results of your scan are sent to you and your doctor. Depending on the results, you will be advised about the need for continued screening or additional testing and treatment. Unfortunately, most health insurance does not cover early screening for lung cancer.

To make this service accessible to as many patients as possible, HMHP’s program offers a screening chest CT scan at a discounted self-pay price of $95 (an $887.25 value). The reduced cost is made possible through a grant from the HMHP Foundation.