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Frequently Asked Questions about Home Care

How can the hard working high-spirited baby boomers find time to care for their parents when they are ill?
HM provides a variety of services that make safety and comfort a top priority from compassionate nurses, therapists, health aides and others. These individuals can be trusted to deliver the quality of care and satisfaction that is expected for our aging parents. The services will enhance their quality of life.

The goal of our services focus on keeping patients safe in their home for as long as possible and functioning at the highest level within limits of their illness. Physical therapy services as well as skilled nursing services will promote a safe environment that facilitates recovery.

How can you insure that my parent will remain safe in their home?
You parent will be given every opportunity to remain safe. A home safety evaluation as well as a falls risk assessment will be conducted upon each skilled visit. A conversation that includes the patient, the patient caregiver, and the clinician will make recommendations based on safety needs.

What types of rehabilitation services can be provided at home?
Our physical therapy service will do a risk assessment to make recommendations for increased safety in the home. Physical therapy will also assess mobility in the home, including stair walking, strength, balance, and endurance. Occupational therapy may also be ordered to improve home management skills and activities of daily living. Speech therapy provides cognitive retraining, memory skills, swallowing, and language communication skills.

Homecare Questions:

Does my insurance or Medicare cover the cost of homecare services?
Cost for homecare services depends on the amount and type of services provided. We accept all Medicare patients. As for insurance coverage, different policies may vary in the amount covered for specific services. It depends on your policy and insurance plan. Contact us at (330) 480-3776 for any questions regarding insurance coverage.

Can my illness or disease be managed at home without returning to the hospital?
Most of the time we can manage your illness or disease at home. We develop a plan of care specific to your needs in collaboration with your doctor. HM provides all the resources needed to manage your illness at home. Proper tools and effective oversight will decrease the risk of returning to the hospital. Medicare statistics for HM Home Care show that you are more likely to stay at home without being re-hospitalized than with any other agency within our service area.

Will a lot of different people be coming into my home?
Our agency strives to provide continuity of care. This is a measurement we continue to monitor and adjust so that the same caregivers provide services designed for your recovery.