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Our Mission and Values

Humility of Mary Health Partners extends the healing ministry of Jesus by improving the health of our communities with emphasis on people who are poor and underserved. We demonstrate behaviors that reflect our core values of compassion, excellence, human dignity, justice, sacredness of life and service.
The mission of Humility of Mary Health Partners has remained steadfast for more than 100 years.

Our founding sponsors, the Sisters of the Humility of Mary, were tireless in their dedication to providing high-quality, affordable and compassionate health care to all people – rich and poor, young and old. 

When a smallpox epidemic broke out in New Bedford, Pa. and Lowellville, Oh. in 1864, the sisters went into the homes of the farmers and took care of those stricken with the illness. To protect the children from the contagious disease, the sisters often took them back into the convent.

In an effort to support themselves and the orphaned children that they cared for,  the sisters struck a deal with area railroad officials to purchase some of the trees on the Villa property for railroad ties. In exchange, the sisters promised to care for any sick or injured railroad workers. To do so, the sisters turned two rooms into a small clinic - making this the first Humility of Mary health care facility. 

The clinic soon became too small, so the sisters built a larger facility next door, called St. Joseph Infirmary. This was the first hospital in the Mahoning Valley. The little hospital remained open until 1911 when St. Elizabeth Hospital was established in Youngstown,Ohio.

Their perseverance and vision is the catalyst for our success and the inspiration that has made Humility of Mary Health Partners what it is today – the preferred regional provider delivering exceptional health care services, meeting needs and exceeding expectations. From our humble beginnings, Humility of Mary Health Partners has grown into many fine institutions – St. Elizabeth Health Center, St. Joseph Health Center, St. Elizabeth Boardman, HM Home Health Services, The Assumption Village, Humility House and Hospice of the Valley.

We are proud of our Catholic heritage and remain true to fulfilling our 100-year mission of care. We are equally proud of demonstrating our core values of compassion, excellence, human dignity, justice, sacredness of life and service in all that we do.

The sisters began their ministry of education in America by teaching young children of the French settlers in Louisville, Ohio. Because of their financial situation, only a few of the sisters remained in Louisville. The others went on to establish the motherhouse in New Bedford, Pennsylvania - now known as Villa Maria.