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Robotic Surgery

The da Vinci Robotic Surgical System is designed to expand the surgeon’s capabilities and provide patients with a minimally invasive option for many complex procedures. The da Vinci S at St. Elizabeth’s is the first in clinical service in the Mahoning Valley.
Dr. Dan Ricchiuti
This podcast features an interview with Dan Ricchiuti, MD, director of minimally invasive surgery at St. Elizabeth Health Center as he discusses the benefits of robotic surgery.

Dr. Dan Ricchiuti
What are the advantages of the da Vinci system for the patient?
Listen to an interview conducted with Mike, a da Vinci prostatectomy patient, as he talks about his experience from diagnosis to recovery.*

Mike, a da Vinci prostatectomy patient experience
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*All statements in this podcast are purely the opinion of the patient. No one has been compensated directly or indirectly for their opinion. These opinions are not intended as medical advice or guidance nor are they a guarantee or promise of St. Elizabeth or the device/techniques's future performance. Each patient's circumstances and condition must be evaluated by their individual physician to determine the best treatment alternatives for them, and the results achieved by the patient in the podcast may not reflect what any other person undergoing this procedure will experience. The sole purpose for these opinions are for consumer education.

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