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Level I Trauma Center

Level I is the highest rating designated to a trauma center by the American College of Surgeons (ACS). It allows for the quickest response possible to treat the severely injured. The trauma team meets or exceeds rigorous criteria and takes an organized and systematic approach to its work. The team is in a constant state of readiness 24 hours a day. Facilities such as a 64-slice CT scanner, surgery suite, and critical care units stand by for the trauma patient.

As a Level I Trauma Center, St. Elizabeth has the resources necessary to care for the most seriously injured patients, whether due to a motor vehicle crash, fall, bicycle crash, sports injury, pedestrian injury or gunshot wound. When a trauma patient arrives in the emergency department, a team of more than 15 experts responds immediately. In addition to dedicated trauma surgeons, departments such as radiology/CT scan, blood bank/laboratory, anesthesia, respiratory, operating room and surgical intensive care unit are ready to respond at a moment's notice. St. Elizabeth also has a helipad on campus to accommodate air ambulance traffic.

In order to be recognized as a Trauma Center in Ohio, hospitals must comply with sections 4798.01 and 3727.101 of the Ohio Revised Code. American College of Surgeons (ACS) verified Trauma Centers must submit documentation of verification. As of March 2009, there are 11 accredited Level I Adult hospitals in the State of Ohio. Trauma Centers are required by the ACS to continually monitor, evaluate and improve their processes for the purpose of achieving the best patient outcomes.
In addition to acute care responsibilities, Level I trauma centers have a major responsibility of providing leadership in education, research, and system planning. SEHC continues to develop the trauma program in clinical care, performance improvement, functional recovery, research and injury prevention.

St. Elizabeth remains the only Level 1 trauma center between Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Akron.

Research and Outreach

As a Level I Trauma Center, St. Elizabeth’s is actively involved in scientific research to continually improve the care it provides and is a leader in education, prevention, and outreach activities.
Presentations are available to groups on
  • injury prevention for the mature adult
  • violence prevention
  • firearm safety
  • and the dangers of drinking and driving, just to name a few. 
SAVE (Safety and Violence Education) is a long-standing program developed and presented by Trauma Services at SEHC. The purpose is to expose high school aged children to a modern emergency department and trauma center. These students are often "at risk" due to environmental issues and/or criminal activity.

The emphasis of SAVE is to drive home that making the right choice can lessen the chances they will be victims of violence and trauma. The program takes participants through the emergency department, surgical (trauma) intensive care and the morgue. In each setting, participants can witness the outcome of making bad decisions and choices.
Students can be enrolled by contacting Humility of Mary Healthline. The phone number is: 330-480-3151, or toll-free 1-877-700-HMHP (4647).

SAVE Brochure

For more information on HMHP’s prevention programs, call St. Elizabeth at 330-480-8877.
For additional information on the Level I Trauma Center at St. Elizabeth at call 330-480-4417.