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General Practice Dentistry

The GPR Dental Residency Program at St. Elizabeth Health Center is a fully accredited one-year training experience approved by the Council on Dental Education of the American Dental Association. An approved second year training experience also exists.


The program is designed to serve as a post-graduate educational experience for dentists, providing them the opportunity to deliver comprehensive dental care on both an outpatient and inpatient basis in the hospital environment.

ADA Dental Residency Program Requirements

In general, current dental school graduates demonstrate only a rudimentary understanding of data collection, differential diagnosis and treatment planning. When coexisting medical morbidities complicate the patient care scenario, it becomes necessary for the dentist to engage the physician in rendering the safest and most efficacious dental care in the most appropriate setting.

There is a need for these dental graduates to develop and foster this understanding of the implications of dental care relative to the other disciplines of health care and vice versa.


The GPR program prepares residents to manage total oral health by providing instruction and experience in the delivery of dental care to a wide range of ambulatory and hospitalized patients.

A full compliment of teaching staff including general dentists, oral maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists, pedodontists, orthodontists and endodontists participate in the teaching program. Significant educational support for the expansive curriculum is also provided by:
  • The Department of Medical Education
  • Internal Medicine
  • Pathology
  • Radiology
  • Anesthesia
  • Psychiatry
  • Social Services
  • Infectious Disease
The four operatory dental clinic was expanded to eight operatories in December, 2010. In addition to the additional four operatories, technology upgrades included digital radiography and the incorporation of electronic medical records. We are pleased to offer residents competitive salaries and benefits, paid time off, CE allowance, board exam allowance and moving allowance.

For questions or information, please contact:
Mary Morjock
Dental/Transitional Coordinator & Recruitment Specialist
1044 Belmont Ave., PO Box 1790
Youngstown, OH 44501-1790
330-480-2994 (P)
330-480-6601 (F)