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Common Sleep Disorders
  • Insomnia. The inability to fall asleep or remain asleep. This disorder can be caused by a variety of psychological and physiological conditions including apnea, tension or the misuse of sleeping pills.
  • Restless leg syndrome. A condition of extreme restlessness or deep crawling sensations in the legs while trying to sleep.
  • Nocturnal myoclonus. A disorder in which sleep is interrupted by repeated twitches in the arms and legs.
  • Sleep apnea. A condition in which breathing stops many times a night for periods of up to two minutes. Apnea is often characterized by loud snoring, sudden or frequent awakenings and excessive daytime sleepiness. People with this disorder are often unaware they have it.
  • Snoring. While this is often more of a nuisance, frequent or loud snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea.
  • Narcolepsy. A disorder that causes a person to fall asleep suddenly, often at inappropriate times. Some narcoleptics also experience a sudden loss of muscle tone, causing them to fall.
  • Sleep walking. Sequences of complex behaviors that may cause a person to get out of bed and walk about without full consciousness.