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Birth by Design at St. Joseph

An experience of a lifetime
Soon you’ll be embarking on the experience of a lifetime. At St. Joseph Health Center, we have a process that allows a woman to make choices that affect many aspects of the birthing experience and have given this service its very own name – Birth By Design.  Click to see a sample Personalized Birth Plan.

With the help of trained maternity consultants, the Birth By Design process will give you the ability to trust as much in your own knowledge and understanding as in the skill and expertise of the maternity care that St. Joseph has been delivering to families for generations.

Putting Your Baby in the Best of Hands
The MAGNET recognized nursing staff at St. Joseph’s has a tradition of providing the very best maternity care possible. Our staff’s skills and dedication are unsurpassed, and their mission is to see that your birth experience is safe, special and your own.

The labor-delivery-recovery suites at St. Joseph’s offer the comforts of home... attractive décor, rocking chairs CD players for the music of your choice, aromatherapy to create your own relaxing environment and of course, excellent MAGNET nursing care for you and your baby!

All of our patients will enjoy room service daily. A special dining experience with a gourmet menu will be offered to you and your significant other. Or, if big brothers or sisters want to join-in on the celebration, a family pizza party is for you! It’s also your choice of how many, or how few, family and visitors you’d like. If you desire some special people to share your day with, we’ll work with you to make that happen. If rest and quiet bonding time with your baby is what you prefer, we’ll ensure that happens as well. With Birth By Design - It's all up to you.

The Birth By Design Package includes:
  • Maternity counselor visits
  • Room service until 6:30 p.m.
  • Gift bag with assorted snacks the day after delivery
  • Private labor rooms
  • Comfortable rooms with attractive décor
  • Rocking chairs
  • Refrigerators in labor rooms
  • Sofa chairs
  • Web Nursery optional
  • Keepsake birth certificate with baby footprints
  • Ambient music channel 73
  • For your peace of mind, state of the art infant security system
  • Hearing screening test provided by certified audiologist
  • Quality lactation services by certified lactation consultants
  • Exceptional education services provided before, during and after your birth
  • MAGNET accredited nursing staff to attend to your every need

    To make your stay extra special, you have the choice of two of the following...

    One Selection from:
  • Day Spa Certificate
  • Gift Certificate
    One Selection from:
  • Special Dinner for Two
  • Family Pizza Party
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