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St. Joseph Pain Management Center

The St. Joseph Pain Management Center is the first pain management center in eastern Ohio accredited by the American Academy of Pain Management.

At the St. Joseph Pain Management Center a comprehensive evaluation of each patient is performed before treatment begins. That's because different patient situations call for different treatment methods. Some patients may benefit most from a hands-on approach to pain, while others will be better served by surgery. Communication between the patient and the pain management team is important as the team designs a treatment plan that best meets each individual patient’s needs.

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The pain management team includes physicians and other health care professionals who are specially trained in the alleviation of pain. The team works together to assist patients in dealing with pain that has been unresponsive to the usual treatment methods.

By working together as a team, the staff can help patients achieve a better quality of life, one that is not ruled by pain, but rather stresses successful pain management.

Patients must be referred to the pain management center by their physicians. The pain management team will need to review the patient’s medical history before the start of treatment.

The St. Joseph Pain Management Center
1934 Niles-Cortland Road, Suite B
Warren, OH 44484


St. Joseph Emergency and Diagnostic Center
476 South Main St.
Andover, OH
Phone: 330-841-4032,  Limited Hours Available